Conference Schedule

Our caregiver conference is filled with sessions dedicated to help you weather the storm of caregiving. Sessions will be held in two virtual classrooms and each classroom will have the same link throughout the day. You are welcome to pop back and forth between classrooms any time to find the sessions that will best help you in your caregiving journey. Each session will last 50 minutes.

Sessions will be recorded and will be available to registrants after the event.  All participants must register for the conference. Call 801-229-3808 for any questions.

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Virtual Classroom A

10 a.m.

Navigating Caregiving, Career, and Community:
Challenges, Opportunities, and Purpose

Navigating caregiving responsibilities is always complex. Yet, individuals, and particularly women, still yearn to have a meaningful career and contribute in church and community as well. Dr. Susan R Madsen will share research on the differences between Utah and other states on these elements as well as to discuss typical thinking patterns that make this so difficult. She will share some resources that might be helpful as you navigate this landscape toward finding deeper meaning and joy in the complexity that emerges in life.

Presented by Susan Madsen. Learn more.

Virtual Classroom A

Virtual Classroom B

11 a.m.

Benefits & Expectations of a Caregiver Support Group

Learn about what happens in a typical support group and how one can help you in your caregiving journey. 

Presented by Geri Lehnardt. Learn more.

5 Legal Messes
You Can Avoid

This session will touch on 5 common legal messes that people make when their lives intersect with a health directive, power of attorney, estate planning, debt collection, and scams. 

Presented by Klea Harris. Learn more.


The Value of Staying Connected in Challenging Times

Social distancing, Quarantine, Isolation: We’re hearing a lot of powerful messages about staying physically apart, but now, more than ever, we need to stay connected. 

Presented by Linda Cole. Learn more.

Alzheimer's and the Progression of Dementia

Do you think you or a loved one has Alzheimer's? Come learn the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Presented by Lara Wall. Learn more.

1 p.m.

Practical Help in Caring for a Love One with Dementia 

Nancy will focus on ways caregivers can communicate more effectively with
their loved ones who have dementia and potentially de-escalate common “behaviors”
that can accompany dementia.  

Presented by Nancy Madsen. Learn more.

Music & Medicine: Wellness and Self-Care for Caregivers

We do not make music - music makes us. Participants will be a part of active music making in a group, as they experience the medicinal benefits of music making for their soul.

Presented by Kristi Phillips. Learn more.

2 p.m.

Creative Interventions to Reduce Social Isolation for People with Dementia and their Caregivers

Caregiving these days is even more challenging with all of the issues associated with COVID-19. This presentation will show some creative ways to engage people with dementia and their caregivers. 

Presented by Rosemary Quatrale. Learn more.

Taking Control of Stress and Anxiety Through Breathing and Biofeedback

Biofeedback is an evidenced-based approach that teaches you how to control your breathing appropriately, which helps control your heart rate, helps control your blood oxygenation and flow, and will decrease many of the negative symptoms of 2020!

Presented by Joey Ulrich. Learn more.

3 p.m.

A Guided Meditation Experience for Managing Stress

Learn about the health benefits of meditation and join us through a guided meditation experience.

Presented by Jenny Cleveland and Elizabeth Jensen. Learn more.

Influencing Skills: Help loved ones make difficult choices

Tired of nagging, cajoling, pushing, pulling, dragging, and outright forcing? Join this session to learn a simple framework caregivers can use to help loved ones make difficult decisions that are good for them.

Presented by Justin Allen. Learn more.

4 p.m.

Adaptive Movement to Facilitate Memory, Motion and Relaxation

Learn how to help make movement and memory a fun, playful, and relaxing activity at home for every physical, emotional, and cognitive ability.

Presented by Sara Schmidt. Learn more.

How to Build a Village

How to Build A Village helps the caregiver identify resources, strengthen relationships, and learn tools for engaging others to help with your caregiving.

Presented by Rosalind Hilkey. Learn more.

5 p.m.

Community Connections: Free and low-cost services you never knew existed

There are so many no-cost and low-cost services in the community for caregivers and aging adults. You just need to know where to look!

Presented by Geri Lehnardt & Samantha Collier. Learn more.

Navigating the options and challenges of placing a loved one in long-term care

When you can no longer care for a loved one at home, what's next? We will discuss next steps and differences between facilities, including pros and cons.

Presented by Susie Yorgason. Learn more.

6 p.m.

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney

Using a statewide survey as an outline, attorney Klea Harris will address the major areas of confusion older adults have with the Utah statutory power of attorney form. 

Presented by Klea Harris. Learn more.

Secrets to Successful Caregiving

Come and learn some tips to improve your relationship with the person you provide care for.

Presented by Jeremy Yorgason. Learn more.
This session has been pre-recorded.

Virtual Classroom A

7 p.m.

Healthy Grieving During COVID: Challenges and Opportunities

Is it possible to adequately handle our caregiver grief (anticipatory and after-death) during COVID? This session will discuss these challenges and will present some creative and effective ways to get the support we need as caregivers, both before and after the passing of our loved one.

Presented by Mark de St Aubin. Learn more.

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